NYC artists bring you an afternoon of music, dance, poetry, theater, visual performance, and resistance.

Art Rising is a performance action addressing the elimination of the arts in the most recent budget proposal from the Trump administration. You are invited you to enjoy the performances, utilize Trump’s garden, beautify the neglected space, and provoke Trump on his birthday. Art Rising, on June 14th, is organized by and curated by Caterina Bartha, is the latest in a series of direct actions at Trump Tower that utilize the skyscraper as a living lab to educate voters and elected leaders about the risks of Trump’s presidency.

RSVP on Facebook. Event will happen rain or shine. 

Reverend Billy, The Church of Stop Shopping
Bartees Cox, Songwriter & Performer, Stay Inside
Kyle Dacuyan, Poet & Perfomer, Pen America
Ty Defoe, Playwright - will write a new play for this event
Andrea Lauer and Sarah Sandman, Brick x Brick
Pat Olesko, Taking Liberties
Lucy Sexton, The Factress
Jody Sperling, Choreographer & Performer
Martha Wilson, Martha does Donald

Partners include 24 Hour Plays.