Planning Your Event


Have a message, lesson, or statement that you’d like to deliver to the President? Thanks to a 1979 agreement that creates public gardens inside Trump Tower, you can educate the president right inside his home and use the tower as a way to amplify your message. Here are a few best practices to consider: 

  • Think Creatively: From teach-ins to art exhibits to yoga classes, there is no shortage of fun that people can have in the space. Brainstorm a fun and nonviolent action to get the word out about a topic that you’d like to highlight for Trump. 
  • Develop Your Lesson Plan: Identify what message is most persuasive to enlist support for your cause and decide who is best-positioned to speak to that message. 
  • Visit Trump Tower: Doing a walk-through of Trump Tower will help you get a feel for the space and enable you to provide detailed instructions to attendees. 
  • Recruit Supporters: Once you have an idea flushed out, you can select a date and recruit people to join you. Facebook events, email chains, and of course the event calendar are great vehicles to promote your event.  Let us know what you're planning and we are happy to help promote.
  • Social Media: Make sure to take photos and post info about your event on social media. Livesteamining should also be considered. To help build community, please use the hashtag #TakeTrumpTower in your posts. 
  • Media: Consider if you’d like to invite media to attend your event. If reaching out to reporters, make sure to give them plenty of lead time and highlight what you think makes your event newsworthy. 
  • Legal: People are legally allowed to convene inside Trump Tower’s public garden. If there is anything about your nonviolent event that falls into the realm of civil disobedience, consult with an attorney.  We can help you on this end of things.  Get in touch.
  • Implement: After going through your process, you’ll be ready to gather in the garden and have fun educating the president about a topic that you’re passionate about.
  • Spread the Word and Repeat: Did you have successful action inside Trump Tower? Consider planning another one and make sure to let friends and family know so that we the people can #TakeTrumpTower.